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About Us | Piano Keys 4 Kids

About Us

Piano Keys 4 Kids

We want students to learn and grow in their class by finding their passion in music and acquiring skills for life!



Donna Hancock is one of the founders of Piano Keys 4 Kids, LLC. A former social worker and current piano teacher, Donna decided to take up formal child development education through designing a curriculum geared towards young children and the study of piano theory.
Donna’s collaboration with Mallory Hancock, co-founder and Director of Business Development for PK4Kids, initiated the most successful, innovative, and nurturing piano-based curriculum in the industry.
Donna and Mallory are working to publish the first edition of a children’s book series, the Keys Collection,  that will be used in PK4Kids’ preschools all over America.  

Keys Curriculum

Methodology to help kids learn

Early childhood is the ideal time to expose a child to positive musical experiences.
The Keys Curriculum has been developed, refined, and organized into a carefully planned sequence that guarantees fun and success. 
The Keys Curriculum teaches young children the fundamentals of Piano and Music theory, through an exciting adventure involving playful characters and a story-line that will have your children wanting to read and learn more. 

Students will enhance their listening ability and will have mentoring from instructors with vast experience in piano and music theory.

Students will work individually in groups to solve theory problems and be exposed to new and challenging songs to master.

Students will be challenged with physical piano playing skills along with mental theory skills that will aim to enhance their problem solving skills.

Students will enhance their physical and mental coordination by learning new songs and mastering the hand movement necessary to perform at a high level!

Along with fellow students, the instructors will give positive reinforcement and seek any opportunity to help assist the students on their journey to learning and playing the piano. In the positive atmosphere class setup, students will be encouraged to participate, challenge themselves, and have fun!

Students will go through the course gaining confidence each step of the way by practicing and perfecting music pieces and completion of musical theory. This will assist in their growth as musicians and individuals beyond the musical classroom!

Book Levels

Below you will find the different level of piano books starting from level one to three!

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Steps done with heart, soul, mind & strength