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Piano Keys 4 Kids | Piano Enrichment Program For Students


We provide the perfect education for your child

Piano Keys 4 Kids offers a fun, exciting and meaningful enrichment program for children interested in Piano and Music Theory.

We make your child happy day after day and build their confidence with music theory

Piano Keys 4 Kids

Our Mission

We believe that children need to feel safe in order to explore their world through musical channels.  Children need to be nurtured and know that they are special and unique.


The Piano Keys 4  Kids Mission is governed by our core values as well as the enduring beliefs that not only shape the learning culture but define the character of our educational efforts.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Nuture Children
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
Piano Class

Piano Class will teach and help students grow their confidence with piano playing and theory skills. Students will learn how to play piano using the Key Collection Book series that has interactive activities for the students to learn piano skills while having fun!

Percussion Class

Percussion class will expose students to snare drum fundamentals and assist in their growth to understand how to count beats, create rhythms, and play important rudiments to enhance their playing skills.

Glee Club Class

The Glee Club is a vocal ensemble open to all elementary aged students that enriches interest in music, singing, and performing. This is a fun atmosphere in which the students are encouraged to be confident in expressing their unique and amazing creativity!


Check below for the latest dates and keeping up to date with changes!